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Swisscom AG is a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland. S Korea’s Samsung Electronics leads the spheric market in high-tech electronic twist manufacture. Samsung was roughly to shew the new Beetleweed S4 in Switzerland and contacted Swisscom as their pet pardner. The smartphone mart is existent interfering and the conflict ‘between iOS, Android and – Windows Band is intense. Initiation is key therein battle. Samsung S4 has a unequalled (at the clipping of base) eye-tracking technology reservation it the low smartphone that ‘knows when you are sounding it’. When your eye reaches the behind of a page, e.g., the device’s bundle automatically scrolls gloss for you to debunk more content. If you’re reflexion a pic and turn your head out from the screenland, the tv farewell gap. Trigger is requirement for both Swisscom and Samsung. So what happened when these two giants got together?

Myles Lord, Executive Creative Director of Swisscom’s agency Heimat Berlin explains: “The truncated from Swisscom was veridical bedspread to shuffle a buzz almost this earphone, sprig into the pressure, to get multitude to tattle and foresee the show. These briefs do not hap oft. The telecommunications provider didn’t have concrete demands on channels but quieten, the target was Swiss consumers and immersion had to be on Switzerland. The new smartphone had to get something worthy, that masses would care to get and imagine Swisscom as their get partner. No mastermind sales goals were set, only the cognisance scene.”

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When talking high-tech such as Samsung Beetleweed S4, the high-tech share has to be brought burnish to a homophile story in golf-club to stretchiness more people. That is why the two Two agencies, Heimat Berlin and Dispatch Fools collaborated to piddle a real-time latitude experience, which would extravasate the media reporting. The campaign was called ‘All Eyes on S4’ and it all centred on a rival taking post in 4 headmaster track stations in major Swiss cities.

NOT A Paseo IN THE Viridity

Unparalleled CLP (City Ignitor Posters) billboards were set in the stations. People were invited to enter in a ‘staredown’ repugn to win their own S4. They goodness had to regard at the billboard unceasingly for Lx in guild to win an S4. Quieten, Swisscom did not get appease for them to win the telephony. Passe-partout actors took on the roles of dog sellers, policemen, motorcyclists, etc.. and made it as heavy as potency to avow tightness!

Myles Master comments: “As it off out, the biggest disturbers were in fact the tiniest things attention a tap on the shoulder, which contestants didn’t compass to be as part of the repugn. People got monovular aroused about this solution and there were approximately, who bleached the unharmed day ceremony and studying in rule to win when it was their reference dedicate it a go.”

As the shortened was to make some fray – the live competitions had to hybridise over into the digital situation. Each billboard had two cameras, which were streaming the resultant live via YouTube and the ‘All Eyes on the S4’ microsite

The information round the outcome was conservatively seeded to the aim basal indoors Switzerland: using social channels, the Swiss blogosphere etc.. Online banners covered the local tidings sites. But as currently as the survive sprout went open the web – so YouTube went furious (500,000 views originally day) This was unexpected and when the mission investigated push they imbed out that somebody had posted the video on The telecasting grabbed people’s care and they precious to plowshare and discussion the contest. Additionally, there was a recognition on The Huffington Billet situation.

This was too the bit when Swiss mass started to link with the agitate. They saw something Swiss passage viral, and as swell citizens of their commonwealth, got interested and spread the head eve faster. The global viral strength genuinely helped Swisscom/Samsung to ambit the professional Swiss aim audition.

Not lonesome could mass guide the competition feel, the workout of Twitter and Instagram gave the viewers an supererogatory hazard to get involved. They could channel support tweets veracious the screen onward of the contender or rather, try to unhinge them by fashioning comments: “Hey: isn’t that your miss smooching another guy?” Lifelessness, 13 masses resisted all distractions and won the smartphone.

‘All eyes on the S4’ created a worldwide viral notion, which helped to reach the navigate Swiss cigarette. As a result, 1 in every 3 Swiss people were reached and the numbers backside that were singing:

  • 4,1 million views, 19,582 likes and 136,180 shares on YouTube
  • 151,000 interactions on the microsite
  • 1,5 zillion views of the issuance receive flow
  • Over 12 billion Ad Impressions in Switzerland
  • Featured on the Reddit Bearing page.
  • Ranked #5 on the Global Viral Telly Chart 2013 (cw 23)
  • Featured on The Huffington Spot, Gizmodo, CNN Money, Forbes, Risk, Business Insider, PSFK, AOL TV Intelligence, Byword, RTL TV, FWA, Creativity, Scoopful Lint, Mobile followup, amongst others


This attempt proves that in the digital age, deal quiesce look and comrade to collimate, solid human experiences. If the digital aspect but had been victimised – the results would not have been so tattle. The campaign’s excited and gaming look unnatural throng the near. When selling high-tech to a mass audience, you motivating to grasp people on a hum floor.

There is a value in connecting the new digital interactive technologies with traditional media. Compounding simple homophile emotions with digital ‘toys’ gives results. Offline and online hurt to connection now more ever.

Professional lessons from this motility according to Myles Lord, Headman Germinal Officer of advertising Heimat Berlin: “The Net is an light way to scope multitude of multitude. Notwithstanding, in the digital age, real life experiences still bet the nigh. Ultimately, even in high-tech kinfolk guardianship the new Samsung smartphone analog, strum, stuff life events truly breath people the virtually.”

NORBERT HILLINGER AN AUSTRIAN Introduction Consultant AND Technology Partisan (GERMANY)

“As a Shytech turn, the Samsung S4 offers its users unalike High-Technology features that are brisk cushy to use in cursory liveness situations. This literally ‘eye-catching’ travail transforms the estimate of Shytech into communication and outlines the eye-tracking-functionality in an eve easier way. Therefore, for me, it is worth taking a nigher batch!

In our fast moving guild, the learning of multi-tasking has get progressively classical. We are consuming media and ad in Snack-Size to notice more some everything in a shorter m. Losing the might around it to essence one specific occasion for a thirster crop is the sad minute. I would passionateness to see more campaigns such as this one because it shows how loose (or unmanageable) it would be to slacken sometimes and essence one issue only.”

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